Protect your family. Improve your business.

Track your vehicles, driver behavior, fuel use, engine metrics and more.

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Manage your personal and business vehicles

Whether you need to track your teen or a whole team of drivers, 360Prism is always alert. Record and review driver behavior. Manage fuel expenses. Stop unauthorized use. Get arrival and departure alerts. Track your vehicle if it's stolen or towed. delivery timing, vehicle maintenance, routes, traffic, service quality and more.


Find your vehicles anytime. Set geofences and alerts. Record trips and view routes.


Record speeding, hard cornering, hard braking, and impact. Improve driver behavior.


Gather realtime engine data, idling and fuel usage. Get maintenance alerts by odometer.

Works with any web browser on any device

360Prism provides everything you need to manage your personal vehicles or your whole fleet. There's no software to install or configure.
We manage everything and you connect with any web browser from anywhere.

Realtime tracking, reports and alerts plus vehicle history

All of our packages are complete with unlimited access to our hosted, managed vehicle tracking portal. Choose email alerts for speeding, impacts, arrival and departure, unauthorized driving and more. Review past trips or watch each vehicle's position update on the map as it's moving. Track your progress towards safer driving and fuel savings with specialized reports.  

The 360 Tracking Portal has dozens of features to tailor it to your family or business fleet. Automated reports and alerts keep you updated while you're on the go.

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Consumer and industry applications *

Whether you run a fleet of sedans, long haul trucks, heavy construction equipment or a busy family, 360Prism provides the operational data you need to improve driver performance, optimize routes, reduce fuel costs, recover lost or stolen assets and lower maintenance costs. 

* Customized packages and devices are availalble. Contact us! 

Simple to install!

Every car, van and light truck built since 1996 has an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port-- usually located just under the driver's side dash. Just plug in the 360Prism tracking device, turn on your engine and drive. It's that easy. Really!

For big trucks, trailers, RV's, motorcycles, and snowmobiles we have devices with wires. It's easier than installing a car stereo.

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What do you want to know about your fleet?

360Prism provides answers to help improve your fleet logistics, reduce costs and increase revenue. 

A package for every fleet

Whether you have just one vehicle or one thousand, we have a packages to manage your vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets. Choose a plan below to get started today.

Family & Small Biz
Monthly rates as low as
Driver Report Cards
Realtime Tracking
Realtime Alerts
Unlimited Reports
Unlimited Users
Up to 20 Vehicles
First Month Free!
Commercial Fleet
Monthly rates as low as 
Everything in Family & Small Biz
Unlimited Vehicles
Unlimited Fleets
Advanced Reports
Management Dashboard
First Month Free!
Monthly rates as low as
Everything in Commercial Fleet
Trailer Tracking
Temperature Monitoring
Inventory Management
I.F.T.A Border Reports
Custom Integration
Custom Reports
Sensor Support & More
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